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How Body and Skin Chemistry Change the Scent of Colognes and Perfume

Many people use fragrances to smell and feel bold, attractive, appealing and enticing. Yet, most of us know very little about colognes and perfumes we wear. Here are a few facts about perfumes that one should know before purchasing a specific cologne or perfume. Many of us decide to buy a certain perfume because we like the fragrance on someone else. However, after we buy and click here to read more

George Bush Jr.


George Bush Jr was born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. President Bush attended Yale University and Harvard Business school. He then worked in the oil industry and was part owner of the baseball team the Texas Rangers. In 2000 Bush was elected President in one of the closest elections of all times. In 2004, Bush won his second term of President by defeating John Kerry. George Bush Jr is a Republican and married to Laura Bush and click here to read more

Danica Patrick

© Scott Mecum

© Scott Mecum

Danica Patrick is an auto racing driver who holds the record for being the only female to win an IndyCar series race, a title she claimed in 2008’s Indy Japan 300. In 2009’s in the Indianapolis 500 she took 3rd place, a rank no other woman reached in this event either. Today, she also holds the record for being the only woman in NASCAR history with a Sprint Cup Series pole win under her belt. Apart from racing, Patrick is also an advertising click here to read more

Katy Perry

© Eva Rinaldi

© Eva Rinaldi

One of the biggest names in Pop Music today, Katy Perry is known for her colorful, cheeky, and more often than not, revealing choice of attire. With chart toppers like “Firework”, Hot and Cold” and “California Girls”, this multi-award-winning singer/songwriter has no trouble filling up stadiums worldwide with her entertainingly lavish stage productions. But it doesn’t stop there for the “I Kissed A Girl” hit-maker; it was not long before Katy put her acting skills to the test, appearing on TV shows including ‘The click here to read more