How Perfumes, Colognes, and Fragrances Stimulate and Interact with the Brain

© John Lustig / gitsul

© John Lustig / gitsul

Fragrances play a major role with your sense of smell. Different scents and fragrances are used in your daily life to provide pleasant smelling scents, or to help block bad odors. On a deeper level, scents are also used in more unique ways.  Your sense of smell is one of the strongest senses tied to memory.  Specific scents can trigger vivid memories from the past, and even alter your mood.

The ingredients that go into making fragrances can be natural, synthetic or a combination of both and the inhalation of the fragrance through the nose travels directly to the brain where its neurological impacts alter pulse, mood and blood pressure. Certain scents can even have sedative effects on the mind.

Stimulation of Brain Through Perfume:
The aromas of essential oils are known to enhance everything ranging from emotional state of mind to lifespan. Only the sense of smell, out of the five senses, is directly connected to the brain’s limbic lobe, which is the center of our emotional control. Fear, depression, anxiety, anger, and joy all originate from this section of the brain. A specific fragrance or scent can evoke emotions and memories even before we are become consciously aware of them.

Fragrances have been formulated to help conjure up emotions since the ancient times. Egyptian, Indian and Italian priests utilized the fragrances of cinnamon, myrrh and juniper to facilitate a euphoric state during religious ceremonials in order to reduce emotional trauma, stress, increase energy, stimulate production of hormones and inspire moods. There is a connection between the limbic region of the brain and the olfactory system, which is thought to be the hub of emotions and due to this, certain fragrances stimulate hormones, which in turn influences emotions and cause emotional and mood changes. People react to fragrances differently depending on their personal tastes, aromatic memories, experiences and cultural backgrounds.

How Perfumes Stimulate Brain:
Chemicals in perfume can easily alter your brain’s neurochemistry. Each fragrance, whether synthetic or natural, emanates molecules that enter your nasal passages and ultimately reaches the olfactory epithelium. This section of the nose has a huge amount of receptor neurons that are covered in hairs known as cilia. These cilia help to trap the odor and convey a message to the brain. This process enables you to recognize the scent. The capability to smell instantaneously has a positive impact on the mind. This is vital as research has revealed that people who don’t have a sense of smell tend to lead less happy lives as compared to those who can smell as scents prompt emotions and positively affect our mood. Researchers believe that fragrances can alter your state of mood quicker than anything else and they have accumulated a great deal of information about the favorable effects of scent on mood as well as general well being.

Benefits Of Stimulation Of Brain Through Perfumes:
The ingredients used to make perfumes can enhance your concentration power and improve your mood. As per aroma therapists, perfumes that contain sandalwood, ginger and rose have an inspiring effect on the neurons of the brain. The enhanced stimulation supported by the use of perfume helps in carrying out of several everyday tasks, ranging from a more focused studying to extra energy and stamina. Scents are said to even to help maintain balanced weight loss to a better immune system. Researchers have observed that sesquiterpenes found in the essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood can boost the oxygen level in the brain by about 28 percent. The increase in the level of oxygen in the brain can improve the activity level in the limbic and hypothalamus systems of the brain, which can drastically affect your emotions and also influence your learning abilities and attitude. Enhanced oxygen in the brain can also help to improve your energy levels and hormone balance and apart from frankincense and sandalwood, melissa oil, clove oils and myrrh have high levels of sesquiterpenes.

Other excellent benefits that you can gain from wearing perfume is that it can help to relax you. Some perfumes have aldehydes that have a calming effect on your brain. The perfume oils that have this effect include citronella and eucalyptus. Some other type of scents can work as a sedative and aid in restful sleep, which assists in reducing tension and anxiety and proves to be beneficial for the whole body. The perfumes that are sedative in nature contain lavender and bergamot. Moreover, some cologne called human pheromones helps to attract another person. This effect is persuaded by undetectable odors known as pheromones.

Overall, due to the brain stimulating factor, scents have been utilized for various purposes for centuries and in different countries, worldwide. The right kind of scent can arouse a burst of self-confidence in you. Best of all, perfumes can make you feel attractive, refresh and more positive, which is a definite benefit.