How to Apply and Wear Cologne and Perfume

Perfumes can be applied in various ways, depending upon your desired effect.  The location and way you apply the fragrance can make up a huge difference on the outcome.  Regardless of what your desired effect is, you must remember that perfumes are intended to be worn as a faint hint and must not be overpowering.  Your signature scent should make people associate you with the scent and not announce your arrival.

You can simply spray perfume in the air right in front of you and walk through it. This technique works best if you wish to apply a very light and short-lasting scent as it won’t interact strongly with your skin chemistry and won’t last the whole day. However, it does offer a pleasant hint of fragrance for a brief period of time.  You can apply the fragrance either to your body or to your clothing. Each will have a different effect. On your clothing the scent may wear off quicker than if you apply it directly to your skin. Your body temperature, skin chemistry will slightly alter the scent as well as help bring out the deeper and richer scents within the fragrance.

When wearing a strong fragrance, like a parfum classic or an eau de parfum, dab the perfume on your neck and wrists. The neck is a good spot to because the body heat in that region is closest to the surface and in all probability intensifies the perfume’s scent. It’s also not covered up by your clothing which will allow for a longer lasting scent.

On the other hand, if you wear an eau de cologne or an eau de toilette, you may want to dab some behind your ears on the pulse points, inside your elbows and on your chest. You must spray the cologne carefully and try not to exceed three sprays.

Overall, fragrant perfumes and colognes can help to enhance your mood and offer your body a pleasing smell when you apply it so, you’ve to choose the right perfume and wear it in a right way. Fragrances lead to an in general feeling of happiness and though invisible to the eyes, it adds “color” to your life and the people around you. Just make sure not to over do it!