How to Test Cologne or Perfume to Find the Best Fragrance For You

Shopping for cologne or perfume involves a lot of patience. Try not to buy a fragrance the first day you visit the store because there is a lot that goes into choosing the correct scent. When looking for the perfect perfume, you must remember that the scent won’t smell the same on your body as it does in a test strip or the bottle itself. The scent will respond to your body chemistry to generate a scent that is totally unique to you. The key to deciding whether a scent is the right one for you would be to allow it to blend with your body’s chemistry prior to making the final decision. However, it can take a few days to locate your perfect cologne hence, it is vital that you are patient.

How To Test Cologne:
Here are some tips to test cologne that can prove to be helpful when you go to shop for a scent:
You must avoid trying more than three colognes at a time as you may not be able to distinguish the scents and in turn, you may end up making a poor choice. After testing three fragrances, your sense of smell will lose its sharpness, and you will not be able to get an idea of any scent you try after that. The mixture of the 3 scents you try will also start blending together. Nevertheless, smelling coffee beans after smelling each perfume will help to clear your sense of smell since.  Coffee beans can cleanse your nasal palate and allow you to distinguish smells better over a longer period of time.

You can choose the fragrances you like to test on your skin. First, spray the test cologne on your wrist because this is where your skin is the warmest and your blood flow is strong. After spraying, cover your wrist with your other hand for a few seconds to enable the warmth of your body to bring out the scent’s notes. The cologne’s initial scent is known as the top note. It is the first scent that you will encounter, which lasts for around 10 minutes.

You will have to wait for half an hour after spraying the scent before smelling your wrist again. The fragrance will have changed at that time into something richer. This is the middle note and you should think about how well this fragrance appeals to you. Later, several hours after leaving the store, try smelling your wrist once again. The new essence of the fragrance that is emitted at this stage is called as the base note. You should consider how satisfactorily all three notes smell as it would help to determine your perfect cologne.