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How Body and Skin Chemistry Change the Scent of Colognes and Perfume

Many people use fragrances to smell and feel bold, attractive, appealing and enticing. Yet, most of us know very little about colognes and perfumes we wear. Here are a few facts about perfumes that one should know before purchasing a specific cologne or perfume. Many of us decide to buy a certain perfume because we like the fragrance on someone else. However, after we buy and click here to read more

How to Choose the Perfect Cologne or Perfume

Wearing the perfect scent can go a long way in making good impressions with others. Therefore, it’s important to choose your fragrance wisely, because it ultimately reflects your personality. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right fragrance.

Tips For Picking The Right Scent:
When it comes to picking the right scent you should visit a local fragrance store to test different perfumes or cologne.  Make sure that you don’t wear perfumed body oil or heavy lotions as you don’t want to alter click here to read more

History of Perfume

Perfume is a blend of fragrant oils, aromatic compounds and solvents that are used in hopes of adding a pleasant scent to the human body. Though the perfume industry has grown into a $10 billion industry in the last decade; perfumes have existed since the earliest human civilization. Perfumes had originated thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia click here to read more