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Elle Macpherson

© Evan Rinaldi

Elle Macpherson, born as Eleanor Nancy Gow on March 29, 1964 in New South Wales is an Australian television host, model, actress and businesswoman. Macpherson was spotted by modeling booker in Colorado while she was on a ski vacation. She got the nickname “The Body” because of her athletic built and height (six feet tall). Her modeling career started in 1982 with a television commercial that established her as the “girl next door” figure in Australia. Macpherson got more publicity by appearing on the click here to read more

Halle Berry

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Halle Berry started a career as a fashion model before switching her profession to acting. The American actress appeared in various TV shows including ‘Living Dolls’ and ‘Knots Landing’ before making her way into the film industry. After landing a few small roles in movies, Berry’s big break came in 1992 with her performance in ‘Boomerang’ alongside Eddie Murphy. Since then, she has starred in, as well as helped produce, many successful films. Some of her best known roles came in films like ‘Die click here to read more

Ivana Trump

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Ivana Trump born (Ivana Marie Zelnickova) on February 20, 1949 in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia. She is a former model, athlete, socialite and wife of American business tycoon Donald Trump. In 1976, she divorced Alfred Winklmayr, a former Austrian skier whom she married in 1971 to be able to acquire a foreign passport and not be deemed as a defector by the Communist leaders. After obtaining a foreign passport, she moved to New York to endorse the Montreal Olympics. In New York she met Donald Trump, click here to read more

Chloe Sevigny

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Chloe Sevigny was born on November 18, 1974 in Springfield, Massachusetts. She made her acting debut in the 1995 film “Kids” after which, she appeared in a series of several small movies. In 1999, Sevigny was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her supporting role in the film “Boys Don’t Cry”. The film also saw her emerge as one of Hollywood’s most critically praised young actresses. In 2006, she commenced her Television role as a polygamist’s wife in “Big Love”, co-starring click here to read more