Elton John

© David Shankbone

Elton John was born on the 25th of March in 1947. He is a British composer, pianist, singer, and occasional actor. In his music career, Bernie Taupin was his music partner since 1967. The two colleagues worked with the DJM label and have released more than thirty albums to date.  Elton John released his first album in 1970 that made him well-known all over the world. Some of the most prominent hits he released include Philadelphia Freedom, Island Girl, Crocodile Rock, and Your Song, click here to read more

Simon Cowell

© Alison Martin

Simon Cowell was born on October 7, 1959 in Brighton, England. He worked in the mail-room at EMI music publishing but, went on to become an A&R representative and eventually, a record producer. He was a record producer, consultant and talent scout within the music industry before producing the mega hit British television show Pop Idol and its counterpart in U.S., American Idol. He began judging The X Factor since 2011. He is also widely known as a talent judge on the show Britain’s click here to read more

Olivia Wilde

© Cristiano Del Riccio

Olivia Wilde was born on March 10, 1984 in New York City. After graduating in 2002, she appeared in a Fox television series titled ‘Skin’. Wilde made her first film debut in ‘The Girl Next Door’, which was released in 2004. She became well-known after acting in the television show “The O.C.” in 2003; however it was her role as Dr. Remy Hadley or “Thirteen” in “House” (2004) that earned her international fame. Thereafter, she starred in many hit films like ‘TRON: Legacy’ (2010), click here to read more

Shania Twain

© Sara Collaton

Most of us know this country-pop artist from Canada as Shania Twain, but her real name is Eileen Edwards. Her music career started in 1994 with the release of her first album ‘Shania Twain’ which, although received positive reviews, only managed to climb to 67 on a US Country albums chart. Her career was essentially jump started in 1995 with the release of her second studio album titled ‘The Woman in Me’. It spawned well-known hits like ‘No One Needs To Know’, ‘Whose Bed click here to read more