How to Apply and Wear Cologne and Perfume

Perfumes can be applied in various ways, depending upon your desired effect.  The location and way you apply the fragrance can make up a huge difference on the outcome.  Regardless of what your desired effect is, you must remember that perfumes are intended to be worn as a faint hint and must not be overpowering.  Your signature scent should make people associate you with the scent and not announce your arrival.

You can simply spray perfume in the air right in front of you and click here to read more

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How to Choose the Perfect Cologne or Perfume

Wearing the perfect scent can go a long way in making good impressions with others. Therefore, it’s important to choose your fragrance wisely, because it ultimately reflects your personality. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right fragrance.

Tips For Picking The Right Scent:
When it comes to picking the right scent you should visit a local fragrance store to test different perfumes or cologne.  Make sure that you don’t wear perfumed body oil or heavy lotions as you don’t want to alter click here to read more