The Business and Profitability Of the Perfume Industry

One of the fastest growing categories in the fashion and cosmetics is the fragrance industry.  Fragrances (such as perfumes and colognes) are products that are widely used by both men and women.  Most of these users don’t just buy one scent, but several.  To accommodate these needs the fragrance industry introduces thousands of new perfumes, toilettes, eau de toilettes, and colognes each year.  The perfume industry alone brings in global sales revenue of $25 to $30 annually to the cosmetics and fashion industry.  Research click here to read more

How to Apply and Wear Cologne and Perfume

Perfumes can be applied in various ways, depending upon your desired effect.  The location and way you apply the fragrance can make up a huge difference on the outcome.  Regardless of what your desired effect is, you must remember that perfumes are intended to be worn as a faint hint and must not be overpowering.  Your signature scent should make people associate you with the scent and not announce your arrival.

You can simply spray perfume in the air right in front of you and click here to read more


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Expensive, Rare, Unique Perfume and Ingredients

Perfumes are a rare treat for your senses.  The sense of smell is one of the most amazing of the 5 senses. The sense of smell is extremely intertwined with your memory and emotions. Specific scents can literally bring your mind back to an exact time, event or memory.  Fragrances are an art of luxury that can also enchant your body, mind, and spirit. This is why many perfume aficionados vie to own a bottle of rare and exclusive perfumes.  It’s one thing for click here to read more