George Bush Jr.


George Bush Jr was born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. President Bush attended Yale University and Harvard Business school. He then worked in the oil industry and was part owner of the baseball team the Texas Rangers. In 2000 Bush was elected President in one of the closest elections of all times. In 2004, Bush won his second term of President by defeating John Kerry. George Bush Jr is a Republican and married to Laura Bush and click here to read more

Angelina Jolie


One of the most popular movie stars and celebrities in the world. Known for her marriage to Brad Pitt, and her many children (both adopted and her own). She’s also a humans rights activist donating her time and money to bettering 3rd world counties such as Cambodia and Darfur. More importantly she is known for her acting starring in such movie as Mr. & Mrs. Smith in which she and her costar Brad Pitt fell in love during the filming of the movie. Angelina click here to read more

Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman is a model-turned-actress from Boston, Massachusetts. She started her modeling career at the age of 15 when Click Models agency offered her a contract. From there, she went on the pose for the cover of British Vogue, and was featured in other magazines including Glamour and Vogue. She began her acting career in 1987 with a role in ‘Kiss Daddy Goodnight’. Thurman went on to be featured in many other films, but her career breakthrough came in 1994’s ‘Pulp Fiction'; a role click here to read more

Ali Landry


Ali Landry was born on July 21, 1973 in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Landry, was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA in 1990. She then went on to win the Miss USA pageant in 1996. Landry earned instant recognition as the Doritos Girl, when she appeared in a commercial during the 1998 Super Bowl commercial. Later, she switched from modeling to acting with numerous television roles and films. Her well-known television appearances include recurring roles in series like ‘Felicity’ in 1998, ‘Two Guys, a Girl and click here to read more