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Miley Cyrus

© Tom Sorensen

Miley Cyrus has everything a girl could ever want – beauty, talent and fame. She’s famous not only for her indisputable talent as a singer and stage performer, but also for her exquisite, yet sometimes edgy sense of style and fashion. Young girls from around the globe look up to her as a role model.  We all know Hannah Montana, but that’s only where it all begins, as Miley’s career promises to reach staggering heights, her style is constantly evolving as well. Miley grew click here to read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger

© Bob Doran

A man with many accomplishments, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a popular actor, bodybuilder and politician. Having been bodybuilding since his teens, Arnold went on to win several contests before deciding to star in movies. In the 1980’s Schwarzenegger begun acting in the role as the hero of several action movies. With his build and accent he quickly became popular as the risk taking action star. Arnold’s political career started in 2003 when he won the recall election for California Governor, although he didn’t retire from click here to read more

Ashton Kutcher

© Tom Sorensen

Ashton Kutcher is one of the top celebrities in Hollywood. He has won several awards for his roles in movies such as No Strings Attached, and Valentine’s Day. He got his big break starring in the television serious “That 70’s Show” also acted in TV shows such as Two and a half men, replacing Charlie Sheen. His much awaited movie “Jobs”, is set to release in 2013. It is a biographical movie based on Steve Jobs life and work. Kutcher is also a well click here to read more

Shaquille O’Neal

© Keith Allison

Shaquille O’Neal is in a class of his own when it comes to basketball and is also an all round star on and off the court. He has played for the Lakers, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston and wherever he played, he left a lasting mark. He began playing in 1989 and has since won awards and titles. Shaq is an icon to be reckon with. He has also starred in numerous movies, composed several rap songs and released several albums. He also has click here to read more