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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an American artist, actress, entertainer and superstar who has amounted a vast fortune of over $200 million dollars. Jennifer (Also known as “Jenny from the block”) got started early dancing and singing on television. She took on a few small roles in various films until she landed the role of Selena, in the movie “Selena”. This helped to catapult her career and help gain massive worldwide attention. Ms. Lopez has had some high profile relationships such as with P click here to read more

Jay Leno

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James Douglas Muir Leno popularly known as Jay Leno is an American actor, voice actor, writer, stand-up comedian, television producer. Born on 28th of April 1950 in New Rochelle in New York. From the year 1992 to 2009, Leno hosted NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In September in the year 2009, Leno started a talk show titled The Jay Leno Show, which was aired on weeknights as 10 p.m. and was also aired on NBC.  Jay Leno is also known for his click here to read more

Frank Sinatra

Few musicians will ever have the kind of success that the legendary Frank Sinatra had.  His music success started with the release of the album,”The Voice of Frank Sinatra”.  This was early in 1946, and this great master of Pop and Jazz steered a successful musical career until his death in 1998.  Sinatra also appeared in numerous movies where he won various awards for his acting.  His success in the movie career was rewarded by winning the 1953 best supporting actor award for “The click here to read more

Elizabeth Taylor

This British American actress was a poster child of beauty, glamour, panache and style. She won the hearts of millions while just nine years old and continued to become the reigning queen of Hollywood acting in numerous hit films like Cleopatra, National Velvet and Butter Field 8. This legendary actress is also famous for her multiple love affairs and eight failed marriages. Taylor even campaigned for social causes including fund raising and awareness programs for HIV and AIDS related projects. She has  received many click here to read more