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Jay Z

© Joella Marano

The mention of rap is never complete without the mention of Jay Z, or Shawn Corey Carter who is considered one of the best music moguls to live. The rapper started off selling drugs in the streets of Brooklyn and turned his talents of story telling into music. An award winning rapper rising to the ranks of a music producer and CEO of Def Jam Records. The former CEO of Def Jam later co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records to further develop his music interests. Later expanding click here to read more

Alicia Keys

© Keith HInkle

Alicia Keys has become extremely popular due to her amazing voice and solid performances. She has earned the title of being the “Modern R&B Queen.” She first debuted in 2001 with her album entitled “Songs in A Minor” which has been commercially successful selling over 12 million copies worldwide. Thus, helping to boost her career making her a worldwide superstar with over 35 million albums sold to date. Nevertheless, with her awards and money, she never forgot to share her blessings with others. click here to read more

Miley Cyrus

© Tom Sorensen

Miley Cyrus has everything a girl could ever want – beauty, talent and fame. She’s famous not only for her indisputable talent as a singer and stage performer, but also for her exquisite, yet sometimes edgy sense of style and fashion. Young girls from around the globe look up to her as a role model.  We all know Hannah Montana, but that’s only where it all begins, as Miley’s career promises to reach staggering heights, her style is constantly evolving as well. Miley grew click here to read more

Jon Bon Jovi

© David Shankbone

Jon Bon Jovi is a man of many talents. He is an accomplished musician, a song writer and an actor. Born John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. in 1962. From NJ, Bon Jovi founded the famous rock band Bon Jovi in 1983. His immense talent in performing rock music has helped make him one of the best selling artists, having sold more than 130 million albums! Bon Jovi is still selling out concert halls today. Jon was inducted into the click here to read more