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Frank Sinatra

Few musicians will ever have the kind of success that the legendary Frank Sinatra had.  His music success started with the release of the album,”The Voice of Frank Sinatra”.  This was early in 1946, and this great master of Pop and Jazz steered a successful musical career until his death in 1998.  Sinatra also appeared in numerous movies where he won various awards for his acting.  His success in the movie career was rewarded by winning the 1953 best supporting actor award for “The click here to read more

Lady Gaga

Lady gaga is an American pop singer with roots in Italy and Canada. Gaga draws her inspiration from a wide range of pop artists with the goal of ‘revolutionizing pop music’. She has been compared to Madonna by many, with Madonna herself proclaiming that she sees a younger her in Gaga. She is also involved in several humanitarian campaigns. The most outstanding is her participation in the fight against HIV/AIDS through the Viva Glam lipstick and lip-gloss through which she has raised over 200 click here to read more

Katy Perry

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One of the biggest names in Pop Music today, Katy Perry is known for her colorful, cheeky, and more often than not, revealing choice of attire. With chart toppers like “Firework”, Hot and Cold” and “California Girls”, this multi-award-winning singer/songwriter has no trouble filling up stadiums worldwide with her entertainingly lavish stage productions. But it doesn’t stop there for the “I Kissed A Girl” hit-maker; it was not long before Katy put her acting skills to the test, appearing on TV shows including ‘The click here to read more

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has just about anything a girl wants: beauty, figure and talent. She’s a world-famous and commercially successful American singer and songwriter that just bagged any major music award for her ground-breaking contributions to country music. Having sold over 26 million albums and generating 75 million digital downloads has placed her name on Forbes’s list of bankable celebrities with an estimate fortune of $165 million. People just couldn’t get enough of Taylor Swift, and music has only provided a single avenue for her click here to read more