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Salma Hayek

© Georges Biard

Salma Hayek is a Mexican/American actress, producer, director and philanthropist. She started her mainstream acting career in 1991 when she moved to Hollywood and landed roles in movies such as ‘Dogma’ and ‘Wild Wild West’. She played roles in movies ranging from drama to comedies, and is known for her sexy but sweet demeanor. Besides acting, Salma is also a singer and spokesman for jewelry and cosmetic lines. Hayek is also a philanthropist working to help stop violence against women. She’s donated money click here to read more

Paris Hilton

© Pinguino K

Paris Hilton is one of the most famous socialites and heiress of the Hilton hotel chains which was started by her grandfather Conrad Hilton. She was known for her partying ways, and was a staple on the Hollywood party scene. She shot to fame in 2003 when a private video was released of her on the internet shortly before she starred in the television series “Simple Life” starring her best friend Nicole Richie. The release of her video, and television show helped click here to read more

Lindsay Lohan

© Rafael Amado Deras

Lindsay Lohan is an American model, actress and a fashion model. When she was 10 years old, she was starred in her first role on a soap opera called ‘Another World’. When she was 11 years old, Lindsay made her motion picture debut in the movie ‘The Parent Trap’, which was a commercial success. The success from the movie helped her land more roles and in 2003, she was in ‘Freaky Friday’ which was also a box office success. A year later she click here to read more

Amy Smart

Amy Smart is an American movie actress and former model born in Topanga, California. Before acting, Smart was a ballet dancer for 10 years. She started taking acting classes in the early 90’s with her friend Ali Larter, and she started picking up a few small roles. She had a main character role in the show ‘The 70’s’, which helped to launch her career. In 1999, she landed one of her first movie roles in ‘Varsity Blues’ which was a box office success click here to read more