50 Cent

© Tom Sorensen

Topped as one of the richest hip hop artists with a net worth over $150 million plus, 50 Cent is well known for his amazing lyrics and stage performances. Born Curtis Jackson, 50 cent has an admirable skill in entrepreneurship. (Take Vitamin Water for example in which 50 was rumored to make $100 million dollars when Coca Cola purchased the company). Amazing considering the fact that in 2000 he was shot 9 times point blank range and lived to tell about it. 50 has claimed in interviews that surviving the shooting gave him purpose to his life. An inch either way could have ended his life, yet his survival gave him the strength to pursue his dreams. He has taken his second chance at life and turned it into a huge business empire. Besides rapping and acting, 50 cent has also ventured in the fragrance world. He unveiled his first cologne in 2009 and chose a rather uplifting name that best describes today’s men; “Power”. Not only does he endorse the cologne, but he also wears it.