Arnold Schwarzenegger

© Bob Doran

A man with many accomplishments, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a popular actor, bodybuilder and politician. Having been bodybuilding since his teens, Arnold went on to win several contests before deciding to star in movies. In the 1980’s Schwarzenegger begun acting in the role as the hero of several action movies. With his build and accent he quickly became popular as the risk taking action star. Arnold’s political career started in 2003 when he won the recall election for California Governor, although he didn’t retire from acting until the next year. After eight years of governing and seven years of retirement, “The Governator” as he had become known, announced a return to acting. Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently still directing and acting but a return to politics doesn’t seem likely. Arnold has been known to wear Vetiver by Guerlain cologne, for its woody fresh scent.