Ashton Kutcher

© Tom Sorensen

Ashton Kutcher is one of the top celebrities in Hollywood. He has won several awards for his roles in movies such as No Strings Attached, and Valentine’s Day. He got his big break starring in the television serious “That 70’s Show” also acted in TV shows such as Two and a half men, replacing Charlie Sheen. His much awaited movie “Jobs”, is set to release in 2013. It is a biographical movie based on Steve Jobs life and work. Kutcher is also a well known producer.  He is very active on social media such as twitter. Over the years, Kutcher has been actively involved in the start-up and VC scene in the Silicon Valley. He is a well known angel investor and venture capitalist. He created a fund A-Grade Investments in 2011. He has invested in hot start-ups such as AirBnB, Spotify, Foursquare and many more.  Ashton Kutcher doesn’t have a branded fragrance, however, he is known to have liked the Bruce Willis cologne and after shave.