Barack Obama

© Steve Jurvetson

Many people wonder what makes President Obama’s everyday fragrance, according to Vivica.A.Fox’s sentiments towards him, she attributes his smell as a wonderful aroma brewing sensation. His wife and first lady Michelle Obama has a fragrance that is well known to many and on most occasions’ people who have had the opportunity to mingle with her say she smells like fresh cherries, what a fragrance! The African-American president has managed to keep his mystery scent a secret and even on his second term no one has had the slightest idea of what his scent may be. The only probability of a cologne that he may be using is one that rap artist P. Diddy made after he got his inspiration from President Obama. The cologne, I Am King which is an official fragrance of the Sean John collection was made and officially sent to the president as a gift. The perfume opens up with an aroma of orange, tangerine juice, french berries and cranberries.