Bruce Willis

© Gage Skidmore

Bruce Willis is a German born American musician, actor, and producer. He has won Emmy Awards, Golden Globes and four-time Saturn Award–nominated actor. Willis was married to actress Demi Moore in which they had 3 children together and is currently married to model Emma Heming in which he has one child with. He’s known for his role in the movies: Die Hard series, as well as films such as Pulp Fiction, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Looper, and many more. The movies Bruce has starred in have brought in over $2.5 billion dollars making him a highly bankable actor with a reported income of $25 million per movie. Willis also is known for his charity work, and donating his time to different organizations. He is a supporter of the military and has visited American troops in Iraq during the war. Known for his shaved head and a very classy sense of style, Bruce Willis has own cologne line that he endorses called “Bruce Willis”.