Charlie Sheen

© Angela George

Charlie Sheen, whose real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez, is an American film and television actor. He began his film career in 1984’s ‘Red Dawn’, which also starred Patrick Swayze. Although he has appeared in several other movies including ‘Hot Shots’, Wall Street’, ‘Cadence’, ‘Scary Movie 3’ and ‘Scary Movie 4’, Sheen actually made a name for himself with his television acting career. Best known for playing Charlie Harper on ‘Two and a Half Men’, and previously for starring in the last two seasons of ‘Spin City’, Sheen enjoyed eight years of fame on the show before being fired due to distasteful comments he publicly made concerning the comedy’s creator. The media hasn’t been in Sheen’s favour with regard to his personal life. News of his long-time substance abuse, alleged domestic violence and marital issues caused a great deal of damage to his reputation. Nevertheless, he has done his bit of giving back, supporting various charitable causes including ‘Aid for AIDS’. He also has his own clothing line specially designed for children named ‘Sheen Kidz’. Unlike many celebrities today, Sheen has not stepped into the world of fragrances; however, he is known to wear colognes from the ‘Creed’ fragrance line.