Derek Jeter

© Nick Step

Derek Jeter is known for being one of The New York Yankee’s finest players and future hall-of-famer. He’s one of the best players to every play the game, and his accomplishments on the field are almost as popular as his accomplishments in dating. With his great looks, Derek Jeter has been romantically linked to some of the most beautiful woman and models in the world.  This Yankee hottie is one of the most popular athletes of his generation. He became a team captain of the Yankees in the year 2003.  He’s endorsed products from Gillette, Nike, Gatorade, VISA, Ford, Best Food, and many more. He is known by the ladies for always smelling good. The Avon Company asked him to endorse a scent that best describes the athlete, in which he had 2 scents created “Driven” and “Driven Black”, and the success of his colognes are just like everything else he’s involved with.