Aubrey Drake Graham also known as Drake (the rapper) is one of the most famous personalities in the music arena. He is well known for his work with Lil Wayne and his unique vocals. Apart from being as a star in music industry, he is also a style icon. His dressing or styling comes from the Gucci which is well known for it’s formals. Also being fond of the leather shoes, his shoes are from the Swedish makers Caretia’s Men Wear which is among the top ten leather shoe brands. Though his casual wears comes from Nike. He also endorses couple of brands like Obviously and Yolo which are basically the brands known for their cool and funky T-Shirts. Also he has his own brand names as OVO which is in collaboration with Gucci. His watches again comes from the Swiss maker Rolex. Recent news says that he will be endorsing the cosmetic giant Sephora which is well know for its perfume range. Drake has rapped about wearing Clive Christian, which is known for high end fragrances.