George Bush Jr.

George Bush Jr was born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. President Bush attended Yale University and Harvard Business school. He then worked in the oil industry and was part owner of the baseball team the Texas Rangers. In 2000 Bush was elected President in one of the closest elections of all times. In 2004, Bush won his second term of President by defeating John Kerry. George Bush Jr is a Republican and married to Laura Bush and they have 2 daughters together. He faced some difficult challenges as President dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 as well as Hurricane Katrina. Bush was considered a controversial President, and though his ratings as President were low, his ratings have increased since he has left office. After his Presidency, he moved to Dallas, Texas and has remained a low profile. In 2010, Bush released a book called “Decision Points”. George Bush is known for wearing the cologne Gendarme.