George Lucas

© Nicolas Genin

George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944 in Modesto, California. As a child he aspired to become a professional race-car driver. That was until he got in a horrible car accident and nearly died. After recovering from his accident he decided to get out of the profession. He decided to join University of Southern California film school. As a student he made many short films and even won the first prize at National Student Film Festival in 1967 for the film ‘THX 1138:4EB’. Lucas is best known for the film American Graffiti and as the creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Lucas was nominated for Academy awards four times. He also founded Lucas Film Limited. However, in October 2012, he his company to Walt Disney. Financially, Lucas is one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers. On September 2008, he was named as one of the 100 “Greatest Americans” by The Discovery Channel. Lucas was married to Marcia Lou Griffin, a film editor, between 1969 and 1983. Later, he married Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investment on June 22, 2013. George Lucas is known for wearing Bijan cologne.