Jay Z

© Joella Marano

The mention of rap is never complete without the mention of Jay Z, or Shawn Corey Carter who is considered one of the best music moguls to live. The rapper started off selling drugs in the streets of Brooklyn and turned his talents of story telling into music. An award winning rapper rising to the ranks of a music producer and CEO of Def Jam Records. The former CEO of Def Jam later co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records to further develop his music interests. Later expanding his business interests by starting his own clothing line named Rocawear which is also home to the famed cologne branded 9 IX cologne to compliment his clothing line. Ranked as one of the richest and successful hip hop artist as well as entrepreneur, Jay Z also runs other business corporations such as Roc Nation, 40/40 Clubs and also has shares in the NBA basketball team Brooklyn Nets in which he has sold his share to pursue talent recruitment for professional athletes. Jay Z is known for wearing his 9 IX Cologne.