Justin Timberlake

© David Torcivia

Justin Timberlake is a worldwide phenomenon. Not only is he known for singing, but he is known for acting, as well as being a successful entrepreneur. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, he started off in the entertainment industry at a very young age through the “Mickey Mouse Club” and hasn’t stopped. With over 20 years years in the entertainment business, he’s still going strong. With the latest album up his sleeve, “The 20/20 Experience”, Justin has no problem bringing “sexy” back. Justin famously dated Britney Spears, but has since moved on to many other beautiful women before marrying and settling down with Jessica Biel. Timberlake also owns a clothing line called William Rast, that he created with one of his old friends from childhood. The clothing line is known for their high end fashion line. Besides fashion, Justin has ventured into other businesses and endorses companies such as Sony, Audi, MySpace and more. One of his major endorsements was for a cologne from Givenchy called “Play” that he known for wearing and a scent that is adored by many.