Shaquille O’Neal

© Keith Allison

Shaquille O’Neal is in a class of his own when it comes to basketball and is also an all round star on and off the court. He has played for the Lakers, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston and wherever he played, he left a lasting mark. He began playing in 1989 and has since won awards and titles. Shaq is an icon to be reckon with. He has also starred in numerous movies, composed several rap songs and released several albums. He also has a vast real estate and businesses including car washes, restaurants and more. He is also a generous and gracious guy giving his time and money to charity. Even after retiring from basketball he still remains an icon. He is known to wear the Gendarme (eau de cologne). Besides a great athlete Shaq also trained as a police officer and even appeared on a police ad in Miami. Shaquille has been featured in many video games, movies, and endorsements.