Bar Refaeli

© Nadja Amireh

Bar Refaeli, is a model and actress from Israel. Well-known for being Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit cover model in 2009, and a highly publicized 4-year romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, Refaeli’s modeling career started as a mere infant when she was chosen to star in various commercials. At age 15, she entered Israel’s ‘Model of the Year’ and won. Her big break, however, came in 2007 when she became the first Israeli woman to be featured in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. In 2009, the Women’s World Awards presented her with the ‘World Style Award’. Refaeli has acted in an English-language, Israeli film titled ‘Session in Israel’, as well as a homeland television show called ‘Pick Up’. She has her own show titled ‘Million Dollar Shootingstar’, a model scout program which began in 2012. Refaeli also co-owns an online company since 2011 which deals in designer underwear called ‘’. Refaeli, a very simple, private person in her everyday life, was chosen by Escada to model for their fragrance called ‘Especially Escada’ in 2011. After being introduced to the perfume, she admitted that she loves to wear it and now considers ‘Especially Escada’ her “signature scent”.