Beyonce Knowles

© S. Pakhrin

Beyonce Knowles is currently one of the biggest names in the music industry. This American diva is primarily an R&B singer; however, she is nothing short of a complete all-rounder. From singer, songwriter and record producer, to model, actress and entrepreneur; this woman has done it all! Beyonce started her music career as the lead singer of the group Destiny’s Child in the 90’s. The group had much success in their 10 year tenure, however, it could not be matched to the 15 years of success Beyonce has had as a solo artist. Selling over 13 million albums in the US alone, this 17-time Grammy award-winning singer is one of the best-selling artists of today.
Along with a clothing line co-owned by Beyonce and her mother, she has launched various fragrances including ‘True Star’ and ‘True Star Gold’ with Tommy Hilfiger in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Having succeeded in perfumery, she launched two more fragrances in 2010 called ‘Heat’ and ‘Heat Rush’. Ironically, Beyonce is allergic to perfumes, and therefore, had her line custom made to eliminate certain chemicals that react with her skin. She is married to Jay-Z and has one child with him named Blue Ivy.