Catherine Zeta Jones

© David Shankbone

World famous Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is a woman of class, beauty and elegance that has brought life to theatre. She is best known for her roles in The Mask of Zorro and Ocean’s Twelve both of which have helped to grow her popularity. Zeta-Jones is a Screen Actors Guild award winner and has also won an Oscar and two Golden Globe Awards. Catherine has been a performer since she was a child and she possesses dancing and singing abilities which made her performance in the Broadway musical Chicago a bliss. Zeta-Jones is a charismatic, strong-willed woman who has endorsed and worn many Elizabeth Arden fragrances. These fragrances include: Provocative Woman inspired by Zeta-Jones’ beauty and seductive walk, Provocative Interlude, Mediterranean Breeze, Mediterranean, Red Door, Red Door Shimmer, Red Door Revealed, Green Tea, Fifth Avenue after Five and Arden Beauty. She is the spokes-model for Arden Beauty.