Christina Ricci

© David Shankbone

Christina Ricci was born on February 12, 1980 in Santa Monica, California. She made her acting debut, when she was nine year old, in “Mermaids” (1990). She was admired as a child actress for her performances in “The Addams Family” 1991 as well as “Addams Family Values” 1993. Her first film as an adult was for the movie, “The Ice Storm” in 1997. She was also highly praised for her performance in films like “Buffalo ’66” and “The Opposite of Sex” in 1998, “Sleepy Hollow” in 1999, “Monster” in 2003, “Penelope” in 2006 and “Black Snake Moan” in 2007. As an outspoken and highly skilled actress, Ricci was in great demand by film-makers in the 1990, and has now switched over to more mature roles in her acting. Ricci has now started doing more voice-overs in animated movies as well as acting in television shows. In 2013, Ricci announced her engagement to James Heerdegen. Christina Ricci is known for wearing the perfume Kiera Mai.