Ivana Trump

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Ivana Trump born (Ivana Marie Zelnickova) on February 20, 1949 in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia. She is a former model, athlete, socialite and wife of American business tycoon Donald Trump. In 1976, she divorced Alfred Winklmayr, a former Austrian skier whom she married in 1971 to be able to acquire a foreign passport and not be deemed as a defector by the Communist leaders. After obtaining a foreign passport, she moved to New York to endorse the Montreal Olympics. In New York she met Donald Trump, a well-known real estate developer. In 1977, she married Trump and they were an integral part of New York’s social elites during the 1980s. Ivana and Trump had three children together. After they separated in 1992, Ivana won a divorce settlement of $20 million. In the 1990s, she wrote two books, ‘Free to Love’ and ‘For Love Alone’. She also wrote a self-help book titled ‘The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping With Divorce and Enjoying Life Again’ in 1995. Ivana made a special appearance in the 1996 movie, ‘The First Wives Club’. She was also married to Riccardo Mazzucchelli between 1995 and 1997 and to Rossano Rubicondi from 2008 to 2009. In January 2010, she participated on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. Ivana Trump is known for wearing the perfume ‘Fracas’ by Robert Piguet and ‘C’Est La Vie’ By Christian Lacroix.