Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an American artist, actress, entertainer and superstar who has amounted a vast fortune of over $200 million dollars. Jennifer (Also known as “Jenny from the block”) got started early dancing and singing on television. She took on a few small roles in various films until she landed the role of Selena, in the movie “Selena”. This helped to catapult her career and help gain massive worldwide attention. Ms. Lopez has had some high profile relationships such as with P Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. Jennifer Lopez is the perfect example of a sex symbol, and has flaunted her beauty wearing the infamous “green dress” during the Grammy Awards. In 2001, J-Lo was the first entertainer to have both the number one album in the country and also starring in the number one film at the same time. She has also been a judge on American Idol. With all of her success, and sex appeal it’s no surprise that she has her own fragrance line. In fact she has over 20 perfumes in her collection. In 2002, Jenifer launched her first fragrance called “Glow”. Expect more from Jenny, as she’s a true entrepreneur who knows how to entertain.