Lindsay Lohan

© Rafael Amado Deras

Lindsay Lohan is an American model, actress and a fashion model. When she was 10 years old, she was starred in her first role on a soap opera called ‘Another World’. When she was 11 years old, Lindsay made her motion picture debut in the movie ‘The Parent Trap’, which was a commercial success. The success from the movie helped her land more roles and in 2003, she was in ‘Freaky Friday’ which was also a box office success. A year later she debuted her first music album ‘Speak’ which was certified platinum selling over a million copies. Lindsay has also starred in movies such as ‘Mean Girls, ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘Labor Pains’, ‘Herbie’, and more. Lindsay worked as a fashion model and launched 6126, a clothing line she started in 2008 with Kristi Kaylor which is sold in high-end clothing stores. (6126 is Marilyn Monroe’s birthday: June 1, 1926) Lindsay Lohan is known for wearing the perfume Narciso Rodriguez for her.