Miley Cyrus

© Tom Sorensen

Miley Cyrus has everything a girl could ever want – beauty, talent and fame. She’s famous not only for her indisputable talent as a singer and stage performer, but also for her exquisite, yet sometimes edgy sense of style and fashion. Young girls from around the globe look up to her as a role model.  We all know Hannah Montana, but that’s only where it all begins, as Miley’s career promises to reach staggering heights, her style is constantly evolving as well. Miley grew up in the spotlight and everyone got used to her sweet, girly appearance. However, time does go by and so does Miley’s fashion style. She turned into a gorgeous young woman who shocked the world with very feminine and quite revealing outfits.  Aside from conquering the box office and the music charts, Miley launched a successful clothing line in collaboration with Max Azria. Moreover, there are also some rumors about a fragrance, but until it’s out there, you can enjoy the Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum – her favorite scent.