Reese Witherspoon

© Eva Rinaldi

Reese Witherspoon is an American actress and film and television producer from New Orleans. She made her acting debut in 1991’s ‘The Man in the Moon’, where she played the leading female role. The 90’s saw her land acting roles in various films including ‘Twilight’, ‘Pleasantville’, ‘Election’ and ‘Overnight Delivery’. Bigger success for Witherspoon, however, came in 2001 when she landed the lead role in ‘Legally Blonde’; a box office hit. In 2005, she won multiple awards, including an Oscar, for her role in ‘Walk The Line’, where she played June Carter Cash in the leading female role. Witherspoon is full of life and down to earth with a very bubbly and lovable personality. She is the global ambassador of Avon Beauty products, and has her own signature fragrance with the company called ‘In Bloom’. In 2011, she released a fragrance trio titled ‘Expressions: Love, Laugh & Live’. Individually they are called ‘Love to the Fullest’, ‘Laugh Often’ and ‘Live Without Regrets’. The trio line was a great success and Witherspoon herself enjoys wearing the line of scents.