Salma Hayek

© Georges Biard

Salma Hayek is a Mexican/American actress, producer, director and philanthropist. She started her mainstream acting career in 1991 when she moved to Hollywood and landed roles in movies such as ‘Dogma’ and ‘Wild Wild West’. She played roles in movies ranging from drama to comedies, and is known for her sexy but sweet demeanor. Besides acting, Salma is also a singer and spokesman for jewelry and cosmetic lines. Hayek is also a philanthropist working to help stop violence against women. She’s donated money to anti-violence groups, as well as helping out third world countries. Salma has her own collection of beauty products under the Avon label, called “Nuance Salma Hayek” in which she has over 100 different beauty products and can be found at many drug stores, shopping centers, and cosmetic companies. One of her most popular lines from her cosmetic collection is the perfume called ‘Today, Tomorrow & Always’ which are 3 different scents in which Salma endorses.