Taylor Swift

© David Shankbone

Taylor Swift has just about anything a girl wants: beauty, figure and talent. She’s a world-famous and commercially successful American singer and songwriter that just bagged any major music award for her ground-breaking contributions to country music. Having sold over 26 million albums and generating 75 million digital downloads has placed her name on Forbes’s list of bankable celebrities with an estimate fortune of $165 million. People just couldn’t get enough of Taylor Swift, and music has only provided a single avenue for her success. She is also an accomplished actress, having appeared in CSI, Valentine’s Day and a voice contributor for The Lorax. She’s also into philanthropy, and made contributions in art education, literacy, disaster relief and charities. This girl is just too famous that many people would like to know everything about her, including her favorite color, ideal man, and the fragrance that she wears. For all Taylor fans out there – if you’re dying to have her scent too, here it is: Wonderstruck for Women